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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Three points the media and politicians seem to have missed about Kavenaugh/Ford

Why are these things being overlooked or not followed up?

1) Kavenaugh said he didn't watch Ford's testimony but was "preparing his own testimony."  WHAT???  He was responding to testimony and the subsequent Q&A without watching it?  Inexcusable! The chairman should have adjourned the committee meeting until Kavenaugh had watched it.

2) In response to the idea that Ford's allegations were a fabricated political hit, isn't it interesting that Mark Judge's named was invoked by Ford? Sure, Ford knew Kavenaugh's name, but she also knew this person's name and that he was with Kavenaugh.  That adds to her credibility about the event.

3) The women allegedly targeted for sex by these Roman Catholics preppies were themselves Roman Catholic preppies, whose chastity was so important.  They didn't want to come forward at the time to say they were molested because to do so would have admitted that they had lost their chastity.  Losing their chastity was something that they, to a greater extent than with other women, could not bring themselves to admit.

Also, it should be noted that Ford was never active in a partisan way (or surely the Republicans would have pounced on that to say she was being used politically), so why would she subject herself to the death threats and other costs of persisting in her "civic duty"?  (Ditto for Anita Hill.)

Personally, I would feel better about Kavenaugh if he admitted to his teenage misdeeds and said, "That's not the man I have been since."  But here's a man whose job is to cherish and demand the truth.  He is wlling to lie under oath instead of admit the truth and ask for redemption as a judge with an unblemished professional background.  That is a current offense that should disqualify him from a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.