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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Great Opportunity for an Equine Veterinarian

Rita and I just returned from a weekend memorial service for my brother, Pete Smith, a well-known equine veterinarian who created what is arguably the best equipped rural equine facility in the country.  Now, the Milliron Clinic in Athens, Ohio, is in need of a new equine veterinarian to take over.  The facility and staff can't be matched anywhere.  To help the family find that new vet (who could start as a staff vet) I produced two videos while we were there.  One video is a 13-minute guided tour of the facility.  The other is a longer video of interviews with clients who are waiting for you to show up and saying how terrific the facility and staff are.  (Both are in Windows MovieMaker format.) Please share this with any equine vet you know who might be interested in this great career opportunity!

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