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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Arvadans Mobilize Against the Beltway - Public Meeting Jan. 19th

[As published in the Denver Post on Jan. 19, 2012]

It continues to amaze me that Arvadans accept their political leaders’ pro-development, pro-beltway stance, since they’re the ones who will pay for it in so many ways — increased congestion, more pollution, and even the specter of air-borne plutonium from disturbing the contaminated soil in and around Rocky Flats.

Most current Arvadans weren’t here and wouldn’t remember the 1969 fire at Rocky Flats — at the height of its production of plutonium triggers for nuclear weapons. Because of that fire, people learned that plutonium had been spewed downwind toward Arvada.

Below is a map showing where soil was contaminated by plutonium releases. Disturbing the dirt on the eastern edge of Rocky Flats with its plutonium-rich soil poses health risks for all Arvadans.

A public meeting on this subject is being held  Jan. 19th, at 7 pm at the Jaycee Building, 5640 Yukon St. in Old Towne Arvada.  I’m one of the featured speakers.

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