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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Why Don’t More Listing Agents Do Video Tours?

[Published Jan. 9, 2014, in the Jeffco editions of the Denver Post's YourHub section]

For at least six years now, I have been creating narrated video tours of all my listings — big and small — hosted on YouTube and linked to the MLS and consumer websites like Zillow.

It puzzles me why more agents don’t do the same for their listings.  For me, it has been a key factor in winning listings over my fellow agents.

Just this Monday, I obtained a listing (which will be featured in next week’s ad), and the fact that I create a narrated video tour simulating a showing was the explicit reason the seller chose me. Why? Because instead of still photos of the kitchen, I get to describe the appliances and countertops. In the backyard I point out the trees which are flowering crabapples — not obvious when they’re covered with snow. All features of the house are described.

It’s really not so hard to create professional grade videos with today’s HD quality camcorders featuring image stabilization. I have trained my agents in the process, and I create listing videos for agents who aren’t comfortable being on camera. It’s fun, it’s effective, and it sells homes. Yet I know only one other brokerage that does videos.

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