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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

On a Personal Note: How I Shed 25 lbs. in 8 Weeks


This is an unpaid testimonial for a program which my wife Rita and I started right after New Year’s and completed on Mar. 1.

The program is called “8 Weeks to Wellness.”  It’s a program created by two Pennsylvania chiropractors, that is licensed to about 100 wellness centers across the country.  One of those centers, Body in Balance Wellness Center, is just a mile from our home.  Rita and I, who are both 68 years old, learned about the program at an introductory event and decided our quality of life was worth investing in this 8-week program. We saw it as sort of an out-patient “fat farm” experience, but it turned out to be far more than that. 

Rita and I were each obese, but now we are merely overweight and continuing our progress toward a healthy weight for each of us.  For myself, I weighed in the mid-240’s last December. Today I weigh 214 — even less than at the end of the program. Rita went from 192 to 165 during the same period. With what we learned and the habits created, we’re still losing weight.
You can learn about this holistic approach toward wellness at, or come to a presentation (over a complimentary dinner) on Wednesday, April 27th, at Abrusci’s Italian Restaurant, 3244 Youngfield Street, Wheat Ridge.  RSVP at 303-215-0390.  Rita and I will be there.

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