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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Readers Say I Could Write a Book on Real Estate. Perhaps I Already Have!

I have been writing this weekly column for over a decade. The last 5 years are archived at Below are some of the topics I wrote about going back to October 2014, in case you’d like to look for any. They're all there with links to download each one.  I have highlighted in bold the more popular ones.

What’s a “Material Fact” That Needs to Be Disclosed by Sellers and Agents?
How Many Square Feet Is Your Home?It Depends on the Website
How to Avoid the Most Common Real Estate Mistakes
How Should You Respond to an Offer to Buy Your Home Without Listing It?
My Favorite Sustainable Practices and Home Improvements
Beware the Less Obvious Costs of Ownership When You Buy a Home
What Is Your Capital Gains Tax Liability When You Sell Your Home?
You’ve Heard About Geothermal Heating, But How Does It Work, Anyway?
Do You Have Tenant-Occupied Property? Here’s Advice for Selling It
Post-Closing Occupancy Agreements Can Work for Both Buyers and Sellers
How to Appeal the County Assessor’s Valuation of Your Home
Selling a Home on the 1st or 2nd Day (or Without Listing It) Just Isn’t Smart
First-Time Buyers & Veterans Buying a Home May Be Overlooking a Huge Tax Benefit
When the Fed Raises Interest Rate, Do Mortgage Rates Increase?
What You Need to Know About Buying a New Home from a Builder
How to Find the Right Mortgage Professional
How Do Credit Scores Affect Mortgage Interest Rates?
Dealing With Real Estate Can Be Overwhelming for Senior Citizens
Where Should Zillow Fit Into Your Home Search Process?
What’s the Difference Between a Condo and a Townhome?
The Trend Continues: Winter May Be the Easiest Time to Sell Your Home
Millennials Want to Buy, But They Think It’s Harder Than It Really Is
Some Measures You Can Take to Re-duce Your Winter Energy Bill
Should Sellers Wait for Spring to List Their Homes on the MLS?
HOAs Are Supposed to Serve Members, But Are Often Reviled
Is Your Neighborhood Literally Going to Pot?  Will It Only Get Worse?
For Homeowners Over 62, a Reverse Mortgage Could Make Sense
HOA Transfer Fees Can Be Excessive & They Benefit the Management Company, Not the HOA
Why Should Buyers Even Look for Homes When Inventory Is So Low?
Did You Know? The ‘Grace’ Period on Your Mortgage Payment Isn’t Free
Who Pays for What When You Buy or Sell Real Estate?  It’s All Negotiable
Metro Area Property Tax Rates Vary Much More Than You Might Realize
House Hunting? How Do You Find a Home That Fits Your Lifestyle?
‘High Performance’ Homes Go Far Beyond Energy Efficiency & Solar Power
What Are the Services You Can and Should Expect an Agent to Perform?
Thinking of Becoming a Realtor? You Might Think Twice Based on This Survey
Considering Solar? We Can Help You Sort Through the Financing Options
What Is a Buyer’s Recourse When the Seller Fails to Disclose a Known  Serious Defect?
Here Are Some of the Common Pricing Mistakes Made by Sellers and Their Listing Agents
What Is a “Variable Commission” and Why Should Sellers Demand It?
Whose Side Is Your “Agent” On?  What You Need to Know About Agency Laws in Colorado
Did Your Listing Agent Find Your Buyer?  He Might Have Been Acting in His Best Interest and Not Yours
Some Listing Agents Seem Confused About How to Handle Multiple Offers
Higher Property Values Mean Higher Property Taxes, But Doesn’t That Conflict With TABOR?
Why Sellers Should Want Multiple Offers and How to Get Them
Colorado’s Property Tax System Makes It Costly to Keep Vacant Land Vacant
Questions to Ask When Interviewing a  Realtor About Listing Your Home
Cheap Electricity From Renewables Is Revolutionizing the Utility Industry
Here’s Some Different Advice for Buyers and Sellers in the Current Market
Chart Demonstrates Our Seller’s Market — More Sales from Fewer Listings
As a Listing Agent, I Used to Think Buyer Agents Were Overpaid, But Not Anymore
Understanding the Resale Value of Roof-Top Solar Installations
Understanding Real Estate Property Taxes and Why They Vary So Much
Some Pros and Cons of Buying and Selling During the Holiday Season
Here’s Some of What I Learned at the Realtor Convention/Expo
Deciding When It’s Time to Downsize Is a Very Personal Decision
What Is the Value of Hiring a Realtor When You Can Sell Your Home Without One?
Is Your Denver Area Home Listed on the Right MLS?  Here’s What You Need to Know
It Can Be Quite Stressful to Buy a Home When You Have to Sell One First
Everyone Has a Friend or Relative in Real Estate, But Should You Use Him or Her?
In Our Internet-Connected Marketplace, What’s the Role of Realtors Now?
A Familiar Challenge: Mom & Dad Need to Go to Assisted Living
Social Media Can Supercharge the Marketing of Real Estate Listings
You’d Be Surprised How Many Agents Compete for Your Business
In Greening Your Home, Where Do You Get the Most Bang for Your Buck?
Realtor Association Says “Marginal Agents Threaten Industry”
What Is Marijuana’s Impact on the Real Estate Market
What Can You Do If You Don’t Have the Money for a Down Payment?
Here’s Your Guide to Appealing the Assessor’s Valuation of Your Home
What’s Your Home’s Value?  Assessor, Zillow & Others Differ Widely
A Seller’s Market Is the Worst Time to Try “For Sale by Owner”
How Should a Seller (and Listing Agent) Handle Multiple Competing Offers?
It Takes Courage (and a Good Realtor) to Sell One House & Buy Another
Fifty Shades of Green: Big & Small Ways for You to “Go Green”
Explaining the Inspection Objection and Resolution Process
Mortgage Lending Gets More Challenging All the Time; Here’s the Latest
The Senior Property Tax Exemption Explained
More Than Ever, Overpriced Homes Sell for Less Than Underpriced Ones
Realtor Association Moves to Increase Realtors’ Professionalism and Skills
Sellers Risk Losing Out If They Sell Without Putting Home on MLS
Buyers Often Pay More Than They Should (in fees) When Buying a Home
Did You Know? You Don’t Need a Roof to Benefit from Solar Power
Buying That First Home May Not Be as Impossible as You Might Believe
Negotiating Multiple Offers Can & Probably Should Resemble an Auction
How Much Does Landscaping Help to Sell a Home?
Pros & Cons of Listing Your Home for Sale During the Holiday Season
Have You Wondered Why Some Homes Don’t Sell, Even in a Seller’s Market?
The Press, With Limited Understanding of Real Estate, Is Easily Manipulated
Did You Have a Bad Real Estate Experience? Here Are Some Actions You Can Take
What Owners of Pre-1978 Homes Need to Know About Lead Based Paint

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