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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

There’s Never an Excuse for a New MLS Listing Not to Have Any Photos

Does it annoy you when you see a new listing and there are no photographs?  The Denver MLS can fine agents who don’t upload photographs within 3 business days of their listing going active, but, frankly, there’s no excuse for not posting photos immediately with any new listing.

When our current MLS platform was introduced a few years ago, one of its features was the ability to save a listing as “incoming” — not yet visible to the public or other brokers — until all data has been entered and all photos uploaded.

Yet, time and again, we see new listings — even of million-dollar homes — with no photos. This is disappointing indeed, particularly when it’s so easy to wait until a listing is complete before changing it from “incoming” to “active.”
An agent who activates a listing before uploading photos does a disservice, not only to their seller and to potential buyers, but to their profession. Even if the final photos were outsourced to a professional photographer, agents can at least upload a few keys photos from their smartphone in the meantime.

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