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Monday, April 19, 2021

Former Australian Prime Minister Lambasts Rupert Murdoch in CNN Interview

 From CNN's "Reliable Sources" Newsletter tonight:

"Market for crazy"


Most moments on cable news are ephemeral – that's the nature of the 24/7 beast – but this recent interview with Malcolm Turnbull is an exception to the rule. Ever since it aired on Sunday morning, I've been getting emails and texts and DMs about what he said and how he said it. Turnbull, the former Australian prime minister, delivered a brutal evaluation of Rupert Murdoch's effects on the world.


He spoke with the poise of a world leader who knows that many other public figures fear the repercussions of criticizing the Murdoch media empire. "People in public life are terrified," he told me, terrified that "a vendetta will be launched against them," whether through News Corp papers or Fox Corp TV shows or other forums. But that just makes this subject all the more important. His view, shared by many, is that Murdochworld has created a "market for crazy," resulting in "enormous damage to the United States."


We decided to publish the entire 24-minute interview with Turnbull on our podcast feed so that folks can hear the portions that didn't make air. Turnbull went into more detail about the impact of Murdoch media's climate denialism; the family divide between brothers Lachlan and James; and Fox's "imitators in the right wing media ecosystem." Turnbull's main point: Rupert "has to take responsibility for what he has done."



Three key quotes


 -- "What Murdoch has delivered, largely through Fox News in the US, is exactly what Vladimir Putin wanted to achieve with his disinformation campaigns."


 -- "One of the biggest obstacles to effective global action on global warming has been the influence of right wing populist politics, climate change denial, massively amplified by Murdoch."


 -- "It breaks my heart as an Australian to see the damage that has been done to American society and American democracy by this right wing populist agenda... which is in large part all about denying the facts."


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