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Saturday, July 1, 2023

Thom Hartmann Points Out That Plaintiffs in the Student Loan Decision Had No Standing to Sue

 Here's the excerpt from Thom's email newsletter today:

None of the states suing would have suffered any harm from the loan forgiveness, because they were federal loans. There literally was “no injury” to any of the parties bringing the lawsuit, meaning they had no legal standing to be in court. The company (MOHELA) John Roberts cited in his bizarre, deceitful, and nakedly lying opinion also suffered no loss and explicitly asked not to even be listed as a party to the case, although the Republicans on the Court insisted on keeping them in to provide a fig leaf.
    For a case to be presented and litigated before a court — particularly the Supreme Court — there must be an injured party. Without that injured party there is no “standing” to sue and the case is typically thrown out. [Emphasis added] Even though MOHELA suffered NO injury here — it was a state-based lender that did not participate in federal student loans and thus did not lose a penny — Roberts weaseled them into the case just so he and his five Republican buddies could screw America’s student borrowers to satisfy the billionaires who put them on the Court and help maintain their lavish vacations and lifestyles.

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