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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Real Estate Is Just One Area in Which Conflict Resolution Skills Are Useful

[Published Oct. 11, 2012, in the Denver Post and four Jefferson County weekly newspapers]

With several hundred real estate transactions under my belt, you can imagine that I’ve encountered my fair share of conflict. A major source of any agent’s business, for example, is divorce. When couples break up, the family home often needs to be sold, or one party will buy out the other’s interest.

It’s tempting after dealing with a contentious divorce to make the decision never again to list a home for a divorcing couple when they aren’t on speaking terms — especially when the one living in the house is angry and has nothing to gain and lots to lose from selling the home.

When a local mediator, Ronnie Rosenbaum, asked to have coffee with me to discuss what she does, I didn’t quite know what I’d get out of doing so, other than a cup of coffee, but we had a fascinating conversation.

Ronnie pointed out that October has been declared Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado, with the slogan, “Talk, Listen, Work it Out.”

Another difficult scenario, she told me, is when siblings can’t agree on equitable distribution or liquidation of assets, including real estate, inherited from a parent.

There can be issues between and among neighbors and their HOA.  Barking dogs, encroachments, eyesores, parked RV’s and boats — there are lots of reasons that neighbors might be in conflict with each other.

From bullying between children to conflicts within and between homes, to political disagreements, there are so many opportunities for someone with Ronnie’s skills to be helpful in reducing or resolving conflict. You can reach her at 303-278-3030 or online at



  1. This is why I hold a high regard for people in this field. They always have to uphold the “Talk, Listen, Work it out” motto, even when a client turns catty. Acting like the epitome of peace isn’t easy, but it really helps in addressing problems appropriately.

    -->Lance Valenzula

  2. Being an agent is not an easy job. It’s nothing like what other people usually thought. You need to be patient since you’re dealing with different kinds of people most of the time. Of course, clients have different personalities. Others are so eager to purchase their ideal homes, while some have no idea what they should do. As a great agent, you should be able to deal with all these instances.

    Ofelia Bertrand

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