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Monday, April 29, 2013

House went under contract within 12 hours of putting sign in ground

Here's a story I'll be telling buyers & sellers!

The owners of a bungalow backing to South Table Mountain hired me to sell their home.  We decided on a price just under $300,000.  Seller still needs a week to paint and de-clutter, but asks me to put the sign in the ground with a "Coming Soon" rider, which I do just before sunset on Saturday evening.

Sunday morning, the seller calls me and says a passerby saw the sign and his wife walking their dog and asked to see the house.  Inside, the passerby asks what they want for the house.  Husband says $300,000 if he doesn't have an agent (because of variable commission).  He then calls me and says, "I have a buyer for $300,000 cash."

Two hours later, with paperwork done, earnest money check in hand and proof of funds, I change the sign to "Sale Pending." 

Seller is ecstatic.  The kicker for him was that the buyer told him not to do any painting, because he would be changing the colors anyway.

As I'm leaving the house, another car is stopped at the sign, asking about the house.  "We've been driving this neighborhood every day looking for signs," the woman told me.  I told her that if she had driven the street earlier in the day, she might have been able to buy it.  Sorry! (Not really.) 

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