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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Unhappy With the County Assessor’s Valuation of Your Home? Here’s Help!

[Published May 9, 2013, in the Jeffco editions of the Denver Post's YourHub section and in five Jefferson County weekly newspapers]

With all the excitement about the resurgent real estate market, the valuations just sent to every property owner by the county assessors have not received the attention usually accorded them.

Also, since the valuations are based on what your home would have sold for last June 30th, many of the valuations should be somewhat lower than what your house could sell for today. The good news is that the next two years of property tax bills will be based on that lower valuation.

Nevertheless, many homeowners are probably feeling that their home has been valued too high, resulting in higher property taxes than they believe is fair.

These valuations come out May 1st of every odd numbered year, and you are given only until the end of May to file an objection. And, like two years ago, I am offering help in filing your objection.

Click here for a one-page guide to appealing your home's valuation, and click here for the Jeffco Assessor's explanation of his assessment process. 
I posted a similar guide two years ago and readers told me it was quite useful and helped in many cases to reduce their property tax bill for the following two years.

If, after following my instructions, you need additional help, feel free to contact me or your favorite real estate professional. The Jeffco Assessor’s office also provides personal assistance at 303-271-8666.

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