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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Looking Back: Here Are Some 2013 Columns You May Have Missed

[Published Dec. 26, 2013, in the Jeffco editions of the Denver Post's YourHub section and in five Jefferson County weekly newspapers]

Thanks for reading my weekly “Real Estate Today” column. Often the columns are dated because they are about the real estate market that particular week, but other columns retain their usefulness months later. That’s why I archive all my columns at, where you can find the following “evergreen” ones:  
Jan. 3 — Don’t Believe Reports that the Mortgage Interest Deduction Will Be Eliminated
Jan. 10 — ‘Above & Beyond’ Services Can Set Apart a Full-Service Real Estate Agent

Jan. 17 — The Art of Giving and Requesting Good Feedback on Real Estate Showings

Feb. 28 — An Unwary Buyer Could Be Blindsided at Closing and Lose Earnest Money

Apr. 18 — How Buyers Can Make Their Offers More Attractive Than Competing Offers

May 23 — Mold - The Hidden Danger in Homes and What You Need to Know About It

May 30 — Confidentiality Reduces the Effectiveness & Enforcement of Realtor Code of Ethics

June 20 — Do You Think Real Estate Agents Are Overpaid? Much of the Time We Work for Free

June 27 — Here Are Some Typical Questions That Buyers and Sellers Have About Closings

July 11 — Metropolitan Tax Districts Add Hidden Cost to the Price of Many Homes, Especially in New Subdivisions

July 18 — Trulia & Zillow Are Great, But Not for Finding Homes That Are Currently for Sale. Where Should You Look Instead?

July 25 — New to Colorado? Most Real Estate Transactions Here Are Done Without the Participation of Lawyers

Aug. 1 — There’s So Much More to Buying or Selling a Home Than Getting It Under Contract (Keep That in Mind When Considering Sale by Owner.)

Aug. 8 — Momentum Builds for 5 Jeffco Commissioners Elected by District, Not Just 3 Commissioners Elected at Large

Aug. 15 — What Qualities Make Some Real Estate Agents More Successful Than Others?

Aug. 22 — Client Is Glad She Decided Against Trying to Sell Home by Herself. Here’s Her Story.

Aug. 29 — 18 Questions to Ask When Interviewing an Agent to List Your Home, So You Select the Best One

Sept. 12 — The Effects of Construction Defect Lawsuits on Building of Condos (Explains Why Most Multi-Family Construction Is Now of Rentals)

Sept. 19 — Recent Floods Blindsided Uninsured Homeowners, But Does It Need to Be That Way?

Sept. 25 — Declining Membership Points to a Slow, Steady Decline for Realtor Associations

Oct. 17 — ‘Credit Repair’ Services Can Actually Lower Your Credit Score, Not Raise It (Use a Mortgage Professional Who Will Advise You for Free to Help You Qualify for a Mortgage)

Oct. 24 — Your Home’s Under Contract — What Should You Expect Between Now & Closing?

Oct. 31 — Mastering the Art and Science of Getting Your Way When Negotiating Inspection Issues

Nov. 7 — The Year-End Rush Is on for Agents to Take Soon-to-Be-Outdated Mandatory Class (Agents Should Take This Class in January!)

Nov. 14 — Here’s Some of What I Learned at This Year’s Realtor Convention & Expo

Dec. 12 — Our Recent Sub-Zero Cold Spell Demonstrated Value of Weatherization

Dec. 19 — The Pros & Cons of Putting Your Home on the Market During December

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