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Tuesday, December 17, 2013 Cancels Its ‘AgentMatch’ Experiment

In my Dec. 5th column I described the effort by to rank Realtors based on their past sales numbers.  I wrote that I would be surprised if the effort survived its beta test because of the angry reaction of NAR members.

Last week announced that it was abandoning the effort.

Yes, it would be nice for prospective sellers to be able to identify the most successful listing agents when they want to list their home. For the most part, they have to rely on what the agents they interview say about their level of success in listing and selling homes.

There is, however, one Realtor-supported website which rates listing and selling agents based on surveys sent to clients after each transaction. That website is 

Participation in this service is strictly optional, so you only see agents who have agreed to have surveys sent to past clients.  You’ll find all the agents from Golden Real Estate on this website, showing not only an actual rating (mine is lowest at 4.76 out of 5), but also the answers to 15+ survey questions and free-form comments.


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