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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Here’s a Free & Innovative Real Estate App That You’ll Love Using

The real estate business has had some pretty wonderful technology advancements in recent years, but this one is rather amazing, and once you start using it, you’ll want to make it your go-to real estate app!

Imagine seeing a “For Sale” sign in front of a house that interests you. You pull out your smartphone, point your camera at the house, click, and up pops all the MLS information including all the interior pictures. Using GPS technology, this app knows which house you are pointing at, including which side of the street you’re facing. I’ve tried it myself, and it’s amazing!

If the house is not on the MLS, the app pulls up all the public information about the house — square feet, beds, baths, property taxes, lot lines, the year it was built, rental analysis, and the last time it sold and for how much, plus a current valuation. It also pulls up at least one picture of the house, plus school information. If the property had sold within the last few years, it will show you all those MLS pictures and data.
The app is great for house hunting too, allowing you to enter all sort of criteria — price, bedrooms, bathrooms, location, elementary or other school, etc. Best of all, this app is directly connected to the MLS and downloads the information in real time. The information is literally up to the minute. The app will only show a home as active on the app if it is — at that very minute — active on the MLS. 
Coincidentally, as I was writing this article, I got a text message from a client asking to set a showing for a home she saw on Zillow. That home went under contract several days earlier. If you’ve used Zillow, you’ve experienced the same problem. With this app you won’t experience it again.
Because I’m an MLS member, the app gives me additional information not available to you as a consumer. I can see who the listing agent is and, if it was sold, who the buyer’s agent was. I can see who to call to set a showing and just touch an icon to set the showing online. For my own safety, I can set a timer, and if I don’t leave that property within a set period of time, the app will notify my office (or whoever I specify), which can then take appropriate action for my safety. It also has a panic button.

I have only scratched the surface of this app’s many features. For example, it has automated marketing features which will, for a fee, advertise Golden Real Estate’s new listings on Facebook and Instagram within minutes of each listing becoming active on the MLS.

Some of my agents and I spent a couple hours last week being trained on this app, and we have created a web page where you can download this app free — (see screen shot at right) -- linked to the agent of your choice.  The agent you select is then notified when you are interested in a house and can give you additional information or set a showing.
I’m impressed at the thinking which went into creating this app, and I’m impressed at the ongoing refinement of the app’s functionality. Try it, and I think you’ll find it both informative and fun. Call me or any of the broker associates above if you have any questions about it.  You can reach all of them at 303-302-3636

Published Nov. 24, 2016, in the YourHub section of the Denver Post and in four Jefferson County weekly newspapers.

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