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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Be on the Lookout for Mold

[Published Sept. 19, 2013, in the Jeffco editions of the Denver Post's YourHub section and in five Jefferson County weekly newspapers]

Another issue we should all be more aware of following such a wet period is mold.  Earlier this year, on May 23rd, I devoted this column to the subject of mold. You can read that column at  The bottom-line message of that column was that mold, which flourishes on organic material (such as lumber and drywall) that remains moist for a long period of time, can cause symptoms which are typically misdiagnosed as other ailments.  The result is that you might continue to live in a toxic environment (your home) for months or years, treating what you think is fibromyalgia or some other disorder when in fact your symptoms would disappear if you mitigated the mold in your house -- or moved to a non-moldy home. 

Symptoms can range from exhaustion, rashes, aches and pains to almost anything else.  If you find these symptoms are reduced when you leave your home for a weekend or vacation, that should be your first clue.  Check your crawl space for moisture, look up at the joists to see if there are black spots on them.  You may have a mold problem, not a health problem. Call me at 303-525-1851 if you want help finding a professional to screen for mold or for more advice on this topic.

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