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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Chevy Volt update -- on my last tank of gas (8.3 gal.) I traveled 3,216 miles (388 mpg)

That was Sept. 2nd.  My previous fill-up was July 7th, when I had traveled only 2,734 miles. (325 mpg)

My lifetime average (over 22,000 miles) is 230 mpg.  I have only burned 99 gallons of gas since June 2012 when I took delivery.  I still have 70% of my oil life left, so my first oil change will be at about 75,000 miles... The downside is that I have to buy my own windshield washer solvent, instead of Grease Monkey topping it off every 3,000 miles.

Since my home and office are both solar powered, I hardly paid anything for the electricity I used.

Most Chevrolet dealers have a Volt you can test drive...  That's what sold me, and I'm so glad.

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