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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Two Bungalows in Denver’s Barnum Neighborhood

These two bungalows —at  41 S. Osceola Street (right) and 315 Osceola Street (below) are located in that west Denver neighborhood named after PT Barnum, the famous circus promoter who in 1878 bought 760 acres here (for $11,000) — not as a winter home for his elephants, as legend has it. Barnum has always been a working class neighborhood, and is currently the hottest real estate market in Denver.  In the past 12 months there have been 64 sales of bungalows like these, with median time on market of 5 days, averaging 100.6% of listing price. Average price per square foot is $272.  The home above (41 S. Osceola, with 2 bedrooms & 1 bath) comes in at $300/sq. ft., but makes up for that by having great curb appeal and an oversized 2-car garage on the alley, plus a storage shed. 

The home at left (315 Osceola, with a master suite addition on the back for 200 sq. ft. additional living space) comes in at $244/sq. ft. and has an oversized 1-car garage accessed by a driveway. Both homes are occupied by good tenants, but the tenant for 41 S. Osceola is leaving when her lease expires in December, and the tenant for 315 Osceola is month-to-month starting in September and wants to stay.  Get more details on each listing at Call 303-525-1851 for a showing.

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