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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

By Supporting Donald Trump, You Indicate That You Believe the Following…

You believe character is not all that important in the President of the United States, although you thought it was super important with previous presidents.

You believe that Supreme Court justices should be “originalists.” Originalists believe the constitution should be interpreted based on the founding fathers’ original intent. If so, that means you support slavery and oppose all kinds of rights for women.

You believe that the 2nd Amendment was written not only to allow the arming of state militias but to allow anyone to purchase unlimited military grade weapons so they can take up arms against the state if, in their own mind, they consider the current elected government tyrannical.

You don’t allow yourself to believe there is systemic racism in America, dismissing any and all evidence of it.  You accept Trump's claim that he is "the least racist person" ever and has done more for African-Americans than any president, including Abraham Lincoln.

You believe it is okay for the Commander in Chief to disparage war heroes, to call Sen. John McCain a "loser," and to order the White House flag raised after it had been lowered to half staff upon the Senator’s death.  You don't believe that he refused to visit a WWI cemetery in France because it was "filled with losers and suckers," even though a Fox News reporter verified that statement. 

   You believe that it was okay for the President to tell Americans that Covid-19 was no more virulent than the flu, even after he was on tape telling Bob Woodward that it was five times more deadly.

   You accept that the free press is the “enemy of the people,” and that opposition to the president is treasonous, resulting in cases of police intentionally targeting reporters covering demonstrations with rubber bullets and Mace.

You believe the president’s Twitter feed, Fox News and radio talk shows are all you need to be fully informed.

You don’t believe any of the criticism of Donald Trump written or spoken by persons who worked closely with him, including the man he hired to write The Art of the Deal, or his longest-serving national security advisor, John Bolton. You think they’re all lying, and just out to make money telling lies.

You believe immigrants have no value to America and are taking jobs from Americans who truly want to pick your vegetables and replace your roofs. You think immigrants don’t pay taxes and are living off your money.

You agree that “dreamers” who have lived here since infancy and known only America should be deported to their parent’s country. You think it’s just fine to separate children from their immigrant parents and not track their location for eventual reunification.

You believe that black, Hispanic and Muslin members of Congress who are American citizens elected by their districts should be deported to the countries of their parents or ancestors.

You supported the banning of travel from majority Muslim countries even though Trump exempted Saudi Arabia, which was the home country of the 9/11 terrorists.  You dismiss the fact that Saudi Arabia is the one Muslim country where Trump has financial interests. 

You believe that mere accusation of wrongdoing, without hearing or trial, by the president is all that is required to “lock up” political opponents. Due process doesn’t apply to them. (Does this sound like authoritarianism yet?)

You think it’s okay for the President to insult our allies for almost anything but not criticize, much less accuse, Vladimir Putin of poisoning his political opponents, It’s also okay to withhold criticism of (and sell arms to) the Saudi Crown Prince, who ordered the killing and dismemberment of a Washington Post columnist he didn’t like.

You believe that climate change is a hoax, that we don’t need to worry about rising sea levels or more severe hurricanes and forest fires. You don’t ask why the Pentagon declared climate change a national security issue.

You believe that we need to keep subsidizing the fossil fuel industry and stop subsidizing clean energy.

You believe we don’t need environment protections. It’s okay to let our air and water be polluted by industry for profit. You support expanded oil drilling on public lands even though we are already self-sufficient in oil production. 

You believe, without evidence, that there is rampant killing at birth of full-term babies.

You believe that Joe Biden is a stalking horse for Communists who hate America and want to make the United States into a dictatorship like Venezuela. You don’t ask why anyone would want to destroy their own country. (I’m beginning to think you do!)

You believe the impeachment of the president was without any merit. Those hours of testimony about Ukraine were all made up by traitorous members of the Deep State conspiracy to undo the 2016 election.

You believe the Mueller probe found no involvement by Russia to assist the Trump campaign and that there was no obstruction of justice by the president. Ordering members of his administration to ignore subpoenas by Congress isn’t obstruction of Congress.

You believe that Donald Trump was a successful businessman who became a multi-billionaire through his amazing business acumen and high ethics. And that all the monies due to people who worked for him have been paid. It's "fake news" that he hired undocumented workers for his buildings and golf courses.

You believe that bullying is "presidential" and suitable for international relations.

You think it's just fine for the president to repeat all kinds of conspiracy theories which serve his interest, without making any effort to verify them.  (And you're happy to retweet or share them without verification too!) 

You believe that Donald Trump is a "stable genius" and that he knows more than the generals, more than CDC experts, more than anyone.  In fact, you believe he was chosen by God to lead the United States at this time.

You believe that Trump inherited an economy in shambles, and don't accept that Obama, who took over during an economic crisis rescued the economy and turned over a vibrant economy that did not need any stimulus.

In that regard, you believe that the Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 was a "middle class tax cut" despite documentation that over 80% of its benefits went to the ultra-rich.  You believe that giving tax cuts to multi-billionaires creates jobs!  (You sure are gullible!)

And above all else, he makes all the right decisions for the health and well-being of all Americans for the betterment of our future.

It doesn't bother you that the president is unable to admit any mistakes, but will always double down on assertions known to be false.  

Yes, if you support Trump for re-election, you believe all kinds of stupid shit!  What does this say about you?  Are you telling your children and grandchildren how they should grow up to be like you -- or, worse, to be like your idol, Donald Trump?  God save America. 



  1. Thank you for your brave comments and to do so publicly.

  2. Thank you, Jim for stating what so many of my friends need to hear. I worry they no longer read. Newspapers throughout my neighborhood have all but disappeared while FauOX News spews out what they believe is news.
    Wake up America! DEBATE. DISCUSS. LEARN. "The truth is out there."

  3. Your columns are spot on! Well done